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November 2017

After making it into the five finalists of the nationwide open call competition, Camilla Goritz was cast by director Brian Barsuglia to play the role of Carla in his new feature film 'Impact event', starring academy award winning actress Margaret O’Brien as well as actors Michael Berryman and Richard Grieco.

A small band of survivors find themselves spending a post-meteoric apocalypse in a fun house converted into a bomb shelter.



November 2017

Congratulations to the cast, crew, and director Antonella Lauria of 'We'll Meet Again' which will be screening at the Kolkata International Film Festival in Bengal, India this month.


June 2017

Shooting an Infomercial

for the ‘German Stevie Awards 2017'


March 2017

Filming: Was Wir Wollen [What We Want]

Finishing up production on a scene from the German short  'Was Wir Wollen' starring Camilla Goritz and Sarah Laminger.


March 2017

Nahimana - A Feature Film

Camilla is currently filming, playing the role of Nichole in the paranormal thriller “Nahimana” a feature film by Visions Soar Productions.


December 2016

Serious Actors Acting Serious:
A Graduate Showcase

Come see Camilla and some of her fellow classmates who trained with Bill Esper at the William Esper Studio do a showcase at 13th Street Repertory Theatre on Wednesday, December 7th, at 2pm and 6:30pm. She is thrilled to be working with such talented people.


Photography Lidia Sek

August 2016

We'll Meet Again

On set for the post apocalyptic film 'We'll Meet Again'. A vision of a futuristic world in which the devide between rich and poor is amplified under extreme conditions. Directed by Roman filmmaker Antonella Lauria, co-starring German actor Marc Schöttner.


Photography NN


August 2016

Back to the Drawingboard (Charcoal)

Finding time to draw in between projects.

In this series Camilla is closing in on fragments, showing the power and beauty of single parts of the human body.


Sketches Camilla Goritz


February 2016


Camilla is currently filming, playing the lead in the indie picture ‘Remembering’ by Ren Ruan,

taking place in the 1970s in Philadelphia.


Photography Marc F Baill


March 2016

Road To Damascus II

Camilla rejoined the August Strindberg Repertory Theater in the role of Gogo in ‘Road to Damascus Part ll’ adapted by Edgar Chisholm and directed by Robert Greer. Strindberg’s tale of life in decadent artist circles of 1980s Sweden is brought to life in 1960s California at the Gene Frankel Theater in New York.


Photography Al Foote


Fall 2015

Film Noir Photo Shoot

Camilla in front of the camera for MG Captions.


Photography MG


Summer 2015

Cross Country Road Trip

(In the footsteps of John Kerouac)

Spending a summer traveling and going authentic places - like Georgia O'Keeffe's Ghost Ranch and studio - is a source of inspiration for the next projects.


Photography Camilla Goritz


April 2015

Collaborative Performance Art

Camilla Goritz is part of the 'Body2Body' exhibit's collaborative works with ‘The Heart Wants What it Wants’ - a new performance by Laura Cooper and Ian Giles happening throughout the 'Garis & Hahn' gallery - 263 Bowery New York.


February 2015


'In Your Dreams' is nominated for 'Outstanding Writing', 'Outstanding Lead Actress', 'Outstanding Directing', and 'Outstanding Editing' in the category Comedy. The episode starring Camilla Goritz will be screening at LAweb Fest in April 2015.

December 2014

Starring as Justine

in episode 7 'You're a Catch' of the web TV series 'In Your Dreams'. A take on the old dilemma of being the fifth wheel at an all couples gathering. The series is nominated for best Indie-Web TV series by LAweb Fest.

November 2014

Camilla as Sarah in an Independent Production

The film Outside is a short study on character and society. What's Shaking Productions, New York.

July 2014

Modeling - NYC Skyline Photo Shoot

with UK photographer Jasmin Egner, New York.


Photography Jasmin Egner

May 2014

Camilla stars as Diane in Rage Inc.

Joining The Producers Club Theaters, just off-Broadway near Times Square, the company's work on Le Wilhelm's 'Rage Inc.' was a unique experience.

December 2014

Fly Fishing in the Smoky Mountains

Fly fishing holds a  dimension of meditating in the elements. Learning the skill of winter Nymph fishing, and the scenery and wintry waters in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park inspire for future projects.

October 2013

Leave Rosie Out Of This - Short Film

Camilla is Britney in an Anthony Calamunchi production at the Tisch School of the Arts, New York.

April 2013

Jimmy Dean - Theater

Camilla is Sissy in the classic Come To The 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, on stage, New York.

December 2010

Blood From A Stone

First hands-on theatre experience in New York City, working as a PA on the show 'Blood from a Stone' by 'The New Group' theater company at 'Theater Row Studios' on 42nd Street.